From the Horse’s Point of View

Ask Harry Whitney how he’s doing and you will probably get a “…tired and grumpy…!” response, delivered with a twinkle in his eye. In reality, though, this Arizona horseman is doing pretty good, traveling the United States and abroad, making a living as a self-professed opinionated and narrow-minded horsemanship clinician. His opinion is solidly rooted in the principles of horsemanship from the horse’s point of view and his narrow mindedness is actually the fact that he is committed to what works for the horse vs. what might make it easier for the person.


Harry is rather unusual in the horse world. He politely declines the title of “horse trainer” or other popular labels—he is simply a “horseman”. Most folks find Harry friendly and approachable, welcoming the discussion and questions of riders as they discover that his principles, simply put, work. He would probably say that a clinic would not be complete without a couple of stories told and a few good laughs shared, and there are usually plenty of smiles that indicate this kind of environment is conducive to learning.

“So often, we focus on what the horse is doing, and miss the fact that the horse’s mind

will affect what he does and how he does it. If we give attention to the horse - how he is

feeling in the moment, where his thought is and offer him the help he is looking

for - many of the things we thought were problems will be cleared up.”

- Harry Whitney

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