Growing up on the family ranch in Kansas, Harry developed early on an

uncanny connection to horses. This connection became the foundation for his

unique approach to horsemanship “…from the horse’s point of view.”


Riding and working with horses followed him throughout his school years.

Following his graduation from Kansas State University with a degree in

Animal Sciences, he showcased his talents with a roman riding act. It wasn’t

long before people started to sit up and take notice of the remarkable results

he achieved with horses. At a neighbor’s urging, he started training horses

for the public. It did not seem to matter the breed of horse or the discipline

for which it was intended - Harry calmly and purposefully approached each

with the sure knowledge that it could do what he was asking. The horses

became his testimony and a career was born. It wasn’t long before the

friends and neighbors expanded into the public at large, who asked if he would share his knowledge in a clinic format. That was over twenty years ago. His popularity has continued to grow, a fairly remarkable feat given that he has become known mainly by word of mouth. Today, his clinics are conducted throughout the United States and abroad.


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