Bible Horsemanship Camp

Harry’s view on horses and how he communicates with them are based on principles he uses in all aspects of life. His intuitive and respectful way of imparting information is encompassed by his core beliefs.


As the number of people who became interested in Harry’s clinics grew, so did the interest in combining the horsemanship with Bible principles. Harry met this need by collaborating with long time friend, cowboy Chaplain Ronnie Moyer, whose ministry is based at his ranch located near Colorado Springs, Colorado. Working together, Ronnie’s Bible studies explain how the principles can apply to the person in their relationship with God; Harry’s horsemanship provides vivid illustration to those discussions.




Pastor Ronnie Moyer

These clinics are presently hosted at locations in California and Virginia. They are geared towards adults who have embraced the Word, as well as those who may want to learn more about the relation between horsemanship and Bible principles. All are welcome.


Enjoy horsemanship, camaraderie and fellowship through a shared love of the Lord. Dates, locations, and  additional information may be obtained by contacting the Bible Horsemanship clinic hosts listed on the Schedule Page.

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