Tom Moates’ latest book about Harry

“Six Colts, Two Weeks”

is now available at


Articles about Harry Whitney



Deconstruction pdf – Chapter excerpt from Tom Moate’s book “A Horse’s Thought”. Tom has written several books about his experiences as a student and friend of Harry’s and is well known for capturing the voice and wisdom of Harry. Visit his website at


The Role of the Reins pdf – The Whole Horse Journal, May/June 1998


Is Turning a Real Drag? pdf - The Whole Horse Journal, March/April 1998


Directing the Dance pdf – The Whole Horse Journal, Jan/Feb 1997


Harmonious Horsemanship pdf – The Whole Horse Journal


Round Pen Straight Talk pdf - The Whole Horse Journal, May/June 1996


Lily’s Thoughts - by Linda Davenport


Student Responsibility – by Linda Bertani


Summer Camp with Harry Whitney – by Lasell Jaretzki Bartlett


Clinic Report – by Beth Anne Doblado


Harry 101 - by Alison Visokay






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